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Visit the Great Ocean Road is here to encourage people to do just that. I grew up in Melbourne and my family holidayed in Apollo Bay every easter. Not until I moved away and took my family for a holiday along the Great Ocean Road did I realise how spectacular this stretch of road is.

Travelling the Great Ocean Road should be on every persons must do holidays, I highly recommend the trip.



  1. Jenny, 7 years ago

    The most spectacular natural view in Victoria. The different terrain you go through alone from Melbourne to the end of the road is impressive

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  2. Peter, 7 years ago

    A few years ago i did the great victoria bike ride along the great road and what a experience.

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About Great Ocean Road

Great Ocean Road Victoria is a postcard paradise. Drive slowly and enjoy the trip visiting the great travel destinations along the way. Visit Great Ocean Road was created to help you find hotel and accommodation information as well as tourism operators along Victoria's famous stretch of coastline.

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